Our Professional Therapists

Holiday Feet Wellness Centre provides acupuncture, counseling services, foot reflexology, body massage, Scraping(Gua Sha) and Cupping. Our practitioners are experienced and highly qualified with an extensive training in their areas of expertise. In our integrated service, our staffs provide a wide range of healing programs to the local community.

  • tony

    Tony Dong Lin BSc R.Ac.

    Tony Lin is Registered Acupuncturist in BC. Tony was a MD in China and graduated from Traditional Chinese Medicine Program in Fujen Medical University in 1981. He then practiced integrated medicine and Surgery in Fuzhou Pingtang Hospital for 25 years.

    Tony specializes in traumatology and various conditions and offers acupressure/tuina massage, as well as, acupuncture treatments, and complementary therapies (i.e., reflexology, moxibustion, cupping, scraping) at Beautiful Minds Clinic.

    Conditions successfully treated include:

    • Pain conditions / Sports injuries – Plantar fascitis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, whiplash, sciatica, back pains, headaches and migraines, tendonitis, Jaw pain, neck pain, arthritis, etc.
  • Acupuncture_Reflexology_Massage_therapist

    Duncan Dong Qing Xuan MSc R.Ac.

    Duncan Xuan is a Registered Acupuncturist in BC. Duncan graduated from School of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Her Pei University of China in 2006. He then obtained his Master degree in Cosmetic Surgery at Hua Pei Coal Mine Medical College in 2007. Duncan practiced both Western and Chinese Medicine and specialized in burn treatments and cosmetic surgery.

    Duncan offers acupuncture treatments and complementary therapies (i.e., acupressure massage, reflexology, scraping).

    Conditions treated include:

    • Pain conditions/Sports injuries
    • Rejuvenation Acupuncture
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    Jessica Lin

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    Lily Lee

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