Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Great service, very clean and price is affordable. HolidayFeet's massage is incredible. I will be back often. Highly recommended!

This place really is as good as everyone had said. I'd been feeling quite achy and in pain for a while, and intended on going to an RMT later in the week, once the bulk of my to-do's were in order, but today I just snapped and went 'I hurt, EVERYWHERE. I need a massage'. But everywhere I looked up was either closed on Sundays, or packed, or whatnot, and I went to HolidayFeet out of desperation, even though they don't really have RMT service ready. I agreed to a traditional Chinese massage, not completely knowing what it was, and knowing it wouldn't be covered by insurance, and holy crap, I was so pleasantly surprised. This is not a gentle, 'relaxation massage', though, so be warned. Chinese massage is done in a much tense way compared with RMT, and while it was very painful, I left feeling so, so much better. Their price is very affordable ($49) and definitely worth it.

Just one last thing, the store is SO CLEAN. So clean. Honestly, A+

HolidayFeet's service is excellent - I cannot even begin to express how much I recommend Tony.

He is very talented and skilled at different kinds of Traditional Chinese Massage (TRM) like acupressure massage, Treatment massage, Acupuncture and skin acrapping. He also actively listens to you when you are doing your best to explain whats bothering/hurting you.

He works hard to go above and beyond the average - recommending many extras, taking the time to thoroughly explain things and sharing contacts to help you get to where you want to go.

Both me and my wife see him regularly and both of us are extremely happy. I won't let anyone else put their hands on me.

I have been to 3 other massage treatment therapists in the last few months since my lower back got injured, and after comarsion I still thought HolidayFeet massage is "the one" that works best for me.

Jessica, thank you for taking the time to listen and then help me get better and over my injury.
My lower back is in tip top condition.
I highly recommend Jessica Lin if you are looking for a massage.

"Mark is able to give me pain relief from Trigger Points in my shoulders, legs, hips, and other body parts. He is very skilled and knows just where to massage when I point out where the pain is. He has also taught me how to release the pain at home between appointments. Mark is very likable and I highly recommend him for massage treatment and Trigger Point relief. It is a joy to be pain free when I leave his office, and to know that he will be there to help me again. Thanks for the gentle treatment and pain relief Mark. You make me very happy."


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