skin scrapping

Skin Scrapping at HolidayFeet

What is Skin Scraping?

Skin Scraping (Gua Sha) is a healing technique used in traditional medicine, which literally means literally “to scrape away fever” . The skin is pressed with a piece of jade, and repeated strokes over lubricated skin with a smooth edge that results in stimulation and the appearance of small red patches

Benefits of Skin Scraping?

  • stimulates the immune system, detoxifies and de-acidifies, promotes good circulation
  • regulates functions and organs
  • has a quick effect on pain from head, neck, shoulder, joint and back pain to RSI, fibromyalgia, sciatica and other nerve pain, migraine, PMS, osteoporosis, rheumatism.
  • revitalizes and regenerates, diminishes stress, fatigue and burn-out, rebalances emotions, relaxes and promotes clarity of mind
  • improves countless chronic disorders and complaints

Are there any risks?

Because the scraping is on oily skin the patient will hardly feel pain – neither during nor after the treatment – the skin will not be damaged, and the red spots will fully disappear within 3 to 7 days.

There might be lots of red, dark purple or dark blue spots similar in size to sand

History of Skin Scraping

Skin Scraping therapy has a long history. It originated in the Paleolithic Age. When people were sick, out of instinct, they rubbed or hit some parts of the body with hands or stones, and sometimes it really alleviated the disease’s symptoms. Through long-term practice and accumulation, the method of curing the diseases with stones was formed. It gradually developed into a therapy through the support of the scientific system of Chinese medicine.